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Our Story

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Καλώς ήρθατε – Welcome!


Founder and Chef Tasso was born and raised in Crete, Greece and grew up in a family of bakers. His father had a bakery in a  small village in the Island of Crete called Fournes  ( Fournos  means oven in Greek). As it is mandatory to serve in the Greek Army, Tasso was assigned to cook in the Greek Army. Upon his older brother, Nick, moving to the United States and eventually becoming a restauranteur, he influenced his younger brother, Tasso, to follow him and move to the United States where he worked for his brother Nick’s restaurant and honed his culinary skills and became

influenced to start his own restaurant

The name Tasso’s has been instilled in all our restaurants since my father’s humbling beginnings with his first restaurant, Tasso’s Garden Restaurant, in 1974, which

became a dining destination in Willow Glen, Silicon Valley and amongst travelers throughout Northern California, and I wanted to carry that tradition with my father’s name with this restaurant, says Kostas Perakis, the son of Tasso.


As a guest of Tasso's Restaurant & Bar, we offer you a cuisine cultivated from our Greek heritage and Tasso’s vast culinary experiences since 1974. You’ll enjoy an eclectic menu of authentic Greek, Italian and American cuisine with a diverse

flavor profile that is inspired by our Greek heritage, culinary

journeys, influences, enjoyments and interpretations. 


From the rise-and-shine breakfast classics with a Mediterranean twist to the delicious, authentic and contemporary dishes, and to the power lunches, family outings, date nights and formal dinners, we’ve got something to suit everyone’s particular tastes.


We are delighted to continue the traditions of our family’s recipes and prior culinary establishments and bring you the classic delicious flavors to this restaurant – eloquently relaxed, refreshingly classic with warm, traditional Greek hospitality.


As Kostas puts it:

Uncompromising authenticity and quality is our driving passion.

With great pride, we offer you exquisite and flavorful food from our family recipes

in the quaint villages of my parent’s beloved island of Crete and the culinary influences of Greece and the Mediterranean flavors of today.”


From the authentic dishes and fresh, quality ingredients we source locally and from the Mediterranean, to the flavorful ingredients we craft – your meal is

quintessentially from our influences of Greece and the Mediterranean. 


Our thoughtful, warm, knowledgable and attentive staff and Aegean blue inspired decor allows you to dine in Greek hospitality fashion without having to be in Greece.


Tasso’s Restaurant & Bar is an extension of our home and we welcome you to share with us “philoxenia” – the warmpassionate, inviting expression of dining Greek-style and the enjoyment of our eclectic menu that we feel we have something for everyone’s particular tastes.


Kalí órexi! Good appetite!

Tasso, Maria & Kostas Perakis

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